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Posted by Todd Mitchell on September 17, 2018
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3679 N 9th St | Fresno | $211,000 | Sold









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3679 N 9th St Fresno CA 93726

Updated | Affordable Price | Sold


Weeks, no months. For months you’ve been searching for your Home. From open houses to showings to searching Zillow at 10:30 every single night. You know the drill. In a market such as this one, the homes you’re looking for always seem to fly off the shelf in an instant. Something tells me you knew that too. That you know opportunity when you see it.


You see, something tells me you know how rare it is to find an updated home for under 230k in this town. I’m talking about a truly updated home, one that makes you feel good inside. One that’s clean and bright and fun. When imagining this home, I’m sure it has a front yard with room for your kids to play. I bet it has black shutters with original red brick on the exterior.


Of course, those are only perks. The real test is how you feel when walking through the door. You know what you’re looking for. I’m sure when you’re imagining this home, it’s been updated top to bottom. In fact, it probably has new carpet in the living room & bedrooms. And If it has new carpet, it must have tall baseboards, right? Don’t get carried away now, you tell yourself.


I’m sure you also know what you don’t want. When you’re imagining your ideal home, something tells me it doesn’t have dark paint throughout. I would venture to say that you wouldn’t want an outdated kitchen either, right? No, you deserve better. Much better. You deserve kitchen cabinets that have been carefully sanded down and painted. You deserve water resistant vinyl plank flooring that you don’t have to worry about when cooking. Now we’re getting there.   


When imagining your ideal home, what does your living room look like? Something tells me it’s nice and open, perhaps with a red-brick fireplace at the center. I’m sure next to that red-brick fireplace, it has what seems to be the perfect location for a Christmas tree. You’re probably already imagining decorating that tree with your family as the fire crackles, Christmas music & all. I don’t blame you.



Something tells me that you’re looking for a great first home. One that has enough space for your growing family. Three bedrooms is what you’ve been looking for, isn’t it? Of course, it is. I’m sure you’re also looking for a master bedroom retreat to come home to after a long day’s work. Well my friend, I think you’re in luck.


In this market, you can’t get everything you want. Or so that’s what everyone says. I’m here to say that It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s okay to dream. Don’t settle. You Deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to have an updated home & life. You deserve to make those memories around the Christmas tree with your family.


You deserve 3679 N 9th St.


We look forward to talking with you.


All the best,


Todd & Linda



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