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Pricing your home correctly is one of the 3 most important steps you will make when deciding to put your home on the market. We actually refer to these steps as the NEW 3 P’s of Real Estate. Those NEW 3 P’s are 1.) Preparation 2.) Price and 3.) Promotion. We spend weeks with our clients helping them to properly prepare their home for the market so they can extract the maximum available profit out of the sale of their home. Early on, we learned that by applying the same techniques we used when flipping homes to the sale of our clients homes, they achieved phenomenal results! We refined our process overtime and it’s become known as The Value-Optimized Approach: Maximum Profit Doesn’t Just Happen, It Has to Be Engineered.


Contrast our approach to that of the OLD 3 P’s of Real Estate. Unfortunately, this is where the vast majority of real estate agents operate and have always operated. Sadly, an emphasis (or even minimal effort) is simply not placed on continuing to always learn, grow and adapt so that they can develop mastery in their chosen craft.  And, it’s doing their clients a BIG disservice! Those OLD 3 P’s are: 1.) Put a sign in the front yard 2.) Put it in the MLS and 3.) Pray that it sells. When pressed for details, this is the extent of their marketing plan. They do not have a documented approach to speak of.


To be successful in the technology based culture we live in today, you simply have to be an incredibly skilled online marketer. The fact is, 90% of buyers first see your home online and the old adage certainly rings true; you only have but one chance to make a first impression. So, don’t blow it. You also, have to be skilled in the art of copy writing and laser focused targeted online marketing. The fact that we’ve made learning these skills fundamental to differentiating ourselves is yet another reason we’re outpacing our competition with the results we provide for our selling clients.

What’s Your Home Worth?

Did you know that online home valuation tools are rarely correct and can vary by huge amounts? The only accurate way to properly determine the price range of your home is to have comparables from the last 6 months pulled directly from the MLS. We have access to the same tools an appraiser will use and a lot of discussion and planning needs to be put into this very important decision.


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