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Not All Agents Produce the Same Results!

We publish the performance statistics of our most recent 5 listings so you can see that we routinely out perform the average real estate agent in the Fresno/Clovis area and net our clients sometimes, substantially more profit.  This may surprise you too but sometimes there are even some challenging sales where we get blasted with a bad appraisal or other things outside of our direct control that can alter the ultimate sales price of a listing or its final days on market. But hey, we list those here as well so we don’t just cherry pick our best sales for your benefit. You can see first hand the good, the bad and (once in a while) the ugly.

You see, we take a very hands-on (and Documented-Approach) with our clients when it comes to listing their homes. The ultimate goal; to strategically engineer the outcome they want (in advance) before their home ever hits the market.

It is exceedingly possible to extract the MAXIMUM available profit from the sale of your home too! Matter of fact, we do it all the time for our clients. It just takes some strategic and methodical planning up front to prepare your home in a way that it will resonate with the highest amount of prospective buyers possible.

90% of buyers first encounter the home they end up buying on the Internet so the old saying that “You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression” is the absolute gospel truth. AND, we obsess on this detail! Both with controlling that highly important First-Impression as well as INTERNET marketing itself. We’ve tirelessly studied human psychology to online marketing tactics to search engine optimization and through this process, we’ve become Internet Marketing Specialists. The devil is in the details and our obsession leads us to position your home in it’s best possible light which is evident by our results. That obsession is how we’ve maintained 101% of list price over the past 3+ years while setting the highest per square foot sold price for many of our listings. 

Okay, if you’re intrigued then reach out to us. It just might be the best financial decision you’ll make. We also love meeting new people and creating new friendships along the way. That is where the real magic ends up happening.



Last 5 Sold Listings

Address % of Asking Price We Made our Clients $X More Days Sold
6005 W. Everett Ave 100.3% $ 6,553 20
2289 Oak Ave 100% $ 4,878 39
823 Palm Dr 100% $ 4,238 9
5555 W. Mesa Ave 105% $ 14,513
8851 E. Mountain View 99% $ 900 5